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Excerpts from a March 12th letter to Bill Johnson, CEO of PG&E
from Kevin Olivero, CEO of Bay Area Concrete Recycling

On February 24th, you sent an email to all PG&E Utility Recipients and Corporate Employees, which was almost immediately shared with the press, leveling serious allegations about my company, Bay Area Concrete Recycling. These allegations, which we first heard about through the media, have no merit whatsoever. We stand firmly by our work, reputation and commitment to clients, all of which have been exemplified not only in our work for PG&E since December of 2018, but by our decision to stick with you through your recent bankruptcy announcement, when many other contractors in Butte County walked away. It is unfortunate that you decided to terminate our contract without first consulting us or making sure that your purported grounds had merit.

We were told last week that you would pay us $9.3 million of the more than $14 million in outstanding fees that are owed for work already done in Paradise – an offer that was only made, incidentally, after we issued a statement saying that we could only assume this action was, in part, an attempt to avoid paying those outstanding fees. As of today, however, we have not received a penny of those promised payments. This further solidifies that PG&E has trumped up accusations against BAC in an attempt to again avoid paying its debts.

We invested in and built our plant in Butte County specifically to help PG&E with the Paradise area clean-up. The plant was designed to save PG&E, its rate payers, and the victims of the Paradise fire both money and resources. By recycling materials at the source of the recovery efforts, as opposed to trucking and processing them elsewhere in the state, we estimate that we have saved PG&E’s rate payers just under $80 million during the time we worked in Paradise. This is in addition to avoiding the significant negative environmental impacts that trucking and processing these materials elsewhere in the state would have caused.

However, after canceling your contract with us, you now have put yourselves in exactly that position: paying and polluting more. Once again you are compromising your rate payers and the Town of Paradise.

We’ve learned that materials previously recycled onsite at our facility in Paradise are now being shipped to Marysville, Sacramento and Tracy – with trucks now traveling 51, 93 and 157 miles each way, respectively. The additional cost to PG&E ratepayers to move and process these materials those hundreds of miles each day, as well as the emissions during both the transportation and at the new processing sites, is significant and detrimental to your customers and residents throughout Northern California. All of this was caused by your decision to terminate our contract, and all of this should be of concern to state regulators and environmental constituencies alike.

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With Locations
Across Northern California

Bay Area Concrete Recycling has been in business since 2012.

We have multiple locations -  PARADISE, SACRAMENTO, and TREASURE ISLAND, where we accept clean concrete and clean asphalt.

We accept cash, check, or credit card. You may also apply to open an account with us.

San Francisco Location - Video length = 58 secs.

Founded in 2012, Bay Area Concrete Recycling serves Northern California with multiple locations from Treasure Island to Sacramento, and Paradise.

We accept clean concrete and clean asphalt at all of our locations.

100% of the concrete and asphalt unloaded at our Treasure Island yard is recycled into Class II AB. We will soon have it for purchase at our Alameda and Treasure Island locations. Please call our office for pricing.

We have Recycled Class II AB for purchase at our Hayward yard. Please call our office at 510-294-0220 for pricing.

I was able to dump my broken driveway for a fee and pick up free aggregate base rock at the same time. Their fees for drain rock were very reasonable as well. Highly recommended!

- Tim B. from Sunnyvale, CA

The best place to get rid of your used concrete, all of it being recycled into aggregate, instead of being dumped in a landfill.

- Vince S. from Berkeley, CA


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Bay Area Concrete Recycling has been in business since 2012.  We accept clean concrete and clean asphalt at all of our locations.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 2613
Union City, CA 94587


Office: 510-294-0220
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